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Scholarship Program

2019 Scholarship Program

As in previous years the Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union is offering scholarship programs to its young and ambitious members for their college education. The program consists of the following parts:

Scholarship Program for College-Bound High School Students

This program is not currently available. The results of the 2019 Scholarship Program will be announced at the end of May.

Scholarship Program for Undergraduate and Graduate Students

PSFCU has begun the new Scholarship Program for college students

e are pleased to announce that, as in previous years, PSFCU has begun the new Scholarship Program for college students. The program aims at rewarding young and ambitious PSFCU members who require financial assistance during their college education.

The PSFCU Scholarship Program for college students constitutes a part of the overall PSFCU Scholarship Program. It is an autonomous PSFCU program geared towards both undergraduate and graduate students. Scholarship candidates must be PSFCU members and primary account holders at our Credit Union. They will be assessed by the Scholarship Committee, consisting of college teachers, based on their study results, extracurricular activities, and active involvement in Polish community organizations. Participation conditions, application forms and instructions are available below.

Program details and instructions:

  • All applicants must be primary PSFCU members who opened their accounts prior to 01.01.2018

  • Freshmen students (undergraduate) are not eligible

  • PSFCU Scholarship may be obtained once at each stage of studies, e.g. one as a undergraduate and one as a graduate.

  • Minimum GPA is 3.0

  • Scholarship winners will be required to present a proof of enrollment for the fall term before receiving their scholarship.

  • All required documents should be submited/uploaded in the following format: last_name_first_name_file_name.pdf, eg. Kowalski_Jan_transcript.pdf; Kowalski_Jan_ACT.pdf; Kowalski_Jan_Essay1.pdf

  • Please note: PSFCU employees are not eligible for the PSFCU Scholarship Program.


2019 PSFCU Scholarship Application

PLEASE NOTE! Applications must be filled online only. Each applicant will receive a verification number after the application is successfully submitted. Please keep this number for your records. The verification number is the only proof that the application was received by PSFCU.

The deadline for submitting applications by college students is March 1, 2019!

Winners will be notified in late May 2019.

Faxed, mailed, e-mailed and hand delivered (left in PSFCU branches) applications will not be considered. For more information, please send an e-mail to or call PSFCU Marketing Department at 973-808-3240, ext. 6133.





PSFCU Scholarship Under the Patronage of the President of Poland

The PSFCU, in a partnership with the Office of the President of Poland, is proud to announce a new program for its members: the PSFCU scholarship for a short summer internship in Poland under the patronage of the President of Poland. The internship will be a combination of political, economic and cultural exchange as well as sightseeing. It includes visits to leading Polish and multinational firms located in Poland and meetings with Polish government officials and business leaders. A full description of the program will be disclosed in the nearest future.

The Credit Union will award 10 recipients with a scholarship in the amount of $2,000 to cover the costs of the flight and health insurance in Poland. Students will be asked to provide proof of flight and insurance before their internship commences.  All accommodations and activities while in Poland will be included as part of the Scholarship under the patronage of the President of Poland.

2019 PSFCU Presidential Internship Application

PLEASE NOTE! The deadline for submitting applications by college students is March 1, 2019! Applications must be mailed to:

PSFCU Scholarship Committee
9 Law Drive 
Fairfield, NJ 07004

Faxed, e-mailed and hand delivered (left in PSFCU branches) applications will not be considered. Winners will be announced in May. For more information about this scholarship program, contact PSFCU Marketing Department by calling 973-808-3240, ex. 6133 or by emailing 

PSFCU Rising Star Scholarship


This program is not currently available.

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