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Scholarship Program

2022 Scholarship Program

As in previous years the Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union is offering scholarship programs to its young and ambitious members for their college education. The program consists of the following parts:

Scholarship Program for College-Bound High School Students

2022 PSFCU Scholarship Program


The First Stage of 2022 PSFCU Scholarship Program Has Begun!

Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union once again is participating in the New York Credit Union Association’s scholarship program, which offers college-bound high school seniors the opportunity to compete for statewide college scholarships. Scholarships will be awarded up to $2,500 and may be used at a two- or four-year accredited educational institution.

There is no fee for submitting an application, but applicants must be:

1. Member of Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union;

2. College-bound high school seniors at the time of application; and

3. Attending either a two- or four-year accredited educational institution for the first time in the fall of 2022.

Students can take advantage of this opportunity by following these simple steps:

1. Fill out and save on your device the scholarship application form, download it here;

2. Obtain the verification code by calling our Member Services Center at 1.855.773.2848 or visiting the PSFCU (without this code you cannot submit your application).

3. Submit the application with supporting documents (a high school transcript documenting your GPA for grades 9-11, ACT/PSAT/SAT transcript and required essay) through the NYCUA website (please see link below) by uploading separate files either in the pdf or MS Word format. Your parent or guardian must sign the Certification and Release Authorization on the last page of the application form.

Submit your application and documents here:

Nominee and Nominated By

When you start submitting your application, you will be asked to fill out the Nominee and Nominated By fields. Input your name and email address for both sections.  You can disregard the section asking for the reasons for nomination.  Basically, you need to just fill in the required fields.  

4. Submit the completed application and supporting materials no later than January 7, 2022. 

Applications received after this deadline will not be considered.

If any portion is incomplete or missing, the application will not be considered.

Helpful tips:

• Don’t wait until last minute to apply;

• Obtain the verification code from PSFCU by calling 1.855.773.2848 or visiting one of the PSFCU branches;

• No scanner, no problem.  If you are unable to submit your application, bring completed application and supporting documents to any of the PSFCU branches.  Designated branch employees will scan the documents and complete the submission on your behalf and will print out the submission confirmation for you.

• If you have not been able to take either the SAT, PSAT or ACT due to COVID-19 restrictions, you should still submit your application.  

• Include spring sports that you were planning to play last year. You can also do the same for this year if your fall sports have been moved to the spring.

In early spring, applications will be judged against other submissions statewide. Winners will be announced in late May.

For more information about this scholarship program, contact Marketing Department by calling 973-808-3240, ex. 6133 or emailing 

Scholarship Program for Undergraduate and Graduate Students

2021 PSFCU Scholarship Recipients

Akerman Martyna
Aristakessian Victoria
Bajor Matthew
Bak Klaudia
Bak Cora
Bednar Diane
Benewiat Julia
Bochenek Justyna
Bogdanov Mykhailo
Borowczak Maya
Bryja Bozena
Buczek Elizabeth
Buniowski Andrzej
Bycul Dawid
Cassidy Kelly
Chrzaszcz Sandra
Cwalina Peter
Czachor Anna
Domagala Patricia
Dudek Peter
Dul Olivia
Filipek Alexander
Filipek Nina
Fryc Rafal
Fryzel Christopher
Fura Nicole
Gawin Roza
Gawronski Philip
Golabek Magdalena
Gornikowski Dominika
Goscinski Angelika
Grochal Elzbieta
Gutowska Anna
Jaczynski Victoria
Jastrzebski Monika
Jekielek Karolina
Kalwa Weronika
Kaminski Szymon
Kazubowski Julia
Kedryna Claudia
Klempka Michal
Komajda Patrycja
Konieczny Victoria
Kopec Michal
Korga Aleksandra
Kudlinski Alexandra
Kulaczkowski Adam
Kulasik Monica
Kulec Martyna
Kwak Angelika
Kwiatek Bernard
Kwietniewski Izabela
Lassak Marek
Laziuk Paula
Liro Eric
Lokaj Karolina
Lubera Veronica
Magasic Timothy
Magiera Kamila
Maleski Alexander
Malik Konrad
Malkowski Juliet
Marut Julia
Mietus Anna
Mikrut Emilia
Mitka Alexa
Mleczkowski Nicole
Mroz Victoria
Mulica Kristina
Mulica Claudia
Nedza Aleksandra
Niedbala Evelina
Obrycki Lucas
Olko Margaret
Orlowski Alexander
Paruch Eva
Pawluczuk Marta
Pelszynska Aleksandra
Pikulski Christine
Pitera Marcin
Plichta Natalia
Proszowski Allison
Pszeniczny Thomas
Ptaszek Natalia
Purzynski Aleksander
Pytel Patryk
Rafacz Angelica
Ratkiewicz Elizabeth
Rebeszko Kacper
Rog Wiktoria
Rog Dawid
Rygiel Julia
Shedletsky Cirilla
Shepanzyk Thomas
Skowronski Justyna
Skulimowski Florian
Smutek Olivia
Sobota Laura
Soja Claudia
Soltys Ilona
Soltys Anna
Stalenyj Anna
Stasik Susanna
Stekala Theresa
Stekala Elizabeth
Strenkova Dana
Stronski Anna
Subernat Pawel
Surdel Krystian
Swatowski Natalie
Syp Sylvia
Szaflarski Anna
Szymczak Alexander
Tolwinski Madeline
Tracz Angelika
Trojanowski Gabriel
Turowska Natalia
Twardowski Patrick
Tyminska Weronika
Uszynski Alexandra
Walczyk Karolina
Warchol Veronica
Wisniewski Patryk
Wisniewski Remigiusz
Witusik Adam
Wnek Camilla
Wnek Isabella
Wojciak Nicole
Wyszynska Weronika
Zak Anna
Zak Jakub
Zarzycka Nicole
Zezula Katarzyna
Zimniak Nicole
Zoladkiewicz Natalie
Zysk Wiktoria



For details about scholarship pick up instructions, please contact  PSFCU Member Services Center at 1.855.773.2848.

PSFCU Scholarship Under the Patronage of the President of Poland


This program is currently unavailable.

PSFCU Rising Star Scholarship

Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union offers the New Rising Star Scholarship

This program is currently unavailable.

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