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The Great Success of the "Children's Holiday Smile” Charity Drive

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The Great Success of the "Children's Holiday Smile” Charity Drive

Members of the Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union raised over $151,000 for seriously ill children. The "Children's Holiday Smile” Charity Drive conducted by the PSFCU and the Children’s Smile Foundation lasted from the Friday after Thanksgiving to January tenth.

Under the fundraiser, the Polish community donated exactly $151,540.60 to help sick children. One hundred percent of the amount raised will be donated to needy children, because our Credit Union is not charging any fees and there are no operating expenses. The funds will be transferred to the bank accounts of hospices in Białystok ($46,909.85), Kraków ($36,007.92) and Rzeszów ($54,640.72) and will be used primarily to purchase medical equipment. Money paid into the account of the Children’s Smile Foundation ($13,982.10) will be used to treat Polish-American children. "One hundred per cent of money will go to sick children, PSFCU will not charge even one cent for operational or any other costs" declared Bogdan Chmielewski, PSFCU CEO/President. 

Although we know that our Credit Union members are resourceful people who get along well in life and are capable of sharing with those in need, the fact that they raised more than $151,000 (the equivalent of almost 550,000 PLN at the current exchange rate) in six weeks, is a huge success. “The campaign surpassed all our expectations. We thought we would raise $100,000 at most, but there is much, much more money,” said PSFCU Board Chairman Krzysztof Matyszczyk.

The good outcome of the “Children's Holiday Smile Charity Drive was possible thanks to the great commitment of PSFCU employees, who encouraged members to donate every day. The average donation was $20, although there were PSFCU members who gave a few hundred or even a thousand dollars. The “Children's Holiday Smile Charity Drive" proved to be a great success and therefore it will be held again during the holiday season this year.

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