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Resolution of the Board of Directors

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Resolution of the PSFCU Board of Directors -
Protest Against Use of the Term
"Polish Concentration Camps"

The Kosciuszko Foundation of New York is seeking signatories on a Petition on German Concentration Camps.  The Petition objects to the terms "Polish concentration camp" and "Polish death camp" used to describe Auschwitz and other Nazi extermination camps built by the Germans during World War II by the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and the Associated Press.  These terms are inaccurate and insulting, and should not be used by news outlets because it was Nazi Germany which established the camps in occupied Poland.  The Petition also requests that the media include entries in their stylebooks requiring news stories to be historically accurate, using the official name of all "German concentration camps in Nazi-occupied Poland," as UNESCO did in 2007 when it named the camp in Auschwitz, "The Auschwitz-Birkenau German Nazi Concentration and Extermination Camp (1940-1945) and that "Polish Death Camps” not be used by the media to describe the death camps which were established by  Nazi Germany. 

Therefore, be it resolved that The Board of Directors of the Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union hereby unanimously authorizes Tomasz Bortnik, Chairman of the Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union to sign the Petition sponsored by the Kosciuszko Foundation as “Tomasz Bortnik, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union, comprised of 72,000 members.“

December 1, 2010


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