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Announcement of PSFCU Board of Directors

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November 16, 2010


Elections to the Board of the Polish & Slavic Center, the largest sponsoring organization for PSFCU, have begun. By mailing your ballot, you can elect three out of four candidates to the Board of Directors and three out of four candidates to the Supervisory Committee. The deadline for sending ballots is Nov. 22nd, 2010.

You may also cast your vote for or against adopting changes to the Center Bylaws, which have been prepared by the current Board of Directors. Unfortunately, the proposed changes were never consulted with PSC members and have never been presented on PSC website –

We regret to notice that the proposed changes include an amendment that would give the PSF Board of Directors sole rights to further amend the Bylaws. This amendment is undemocratic since it takes away the members’ right to directly influence decisions about the contents of the Bylaws, thus preventing them from having influence over the future and the character of this worthy institution. For the amendment to be accepted, two-thirds of voters who mail in their ballots have to select the “YES” option.

The PSFCU Board of Directors appeals to the members of our Credit Union, who happen to be members of the Polish & Slavic Center, to take part in the elections and to vote against the undemocratic Bylaws amendments by selecting the ‘NO” option.

Mass participation of all members in the elections and preserving the democratic principles is indispensable for the Polish-American organizations to function properly and raise the prestige of our ethnic group in the US.

Tomasz Bortnik, PhD

Chairman of the PSFCU Board of Directors

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