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PSFCU Encourages Students to Expand Their Scientific Knowledge.

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Our Credit Union Encourages Students to Expand Their Scientific Knowledge

 Students receive awards for participating in the „Astronomy Adventure with Copernicus” competition

The Polish and Slavic Federal Credit Union held an award ceremony for winners of the „Astronomy Adventure with Copernicus” program on April 24 at its headquarters located at McGuinness Blvd. in Greenpoint.

 The ceremony was attended by the students and their parents, Polish school teachers and principals, Dorota Andraka – Chairwoman of the Polish Supplementary School Council of America, members of the PSFCU Board of Directors - Elżbieta Baumgartner, Małgorzata Wądołowska, Krystyna Myssura, Kaja Sawczuk and Wojciech Mleczko, as well as members of our Credit Union’s management including CEO, Bogdan Chmielewski.

 It was Elżbieta Baumgartner and Małgorzata Wądołowska who initiated the idea of the competition, which won the support of the remaining members of the Board of Directors.

PSFCU Directors hand in the awards

 „Astronomy Adventure with Copernicus” was organized in cooperation with the Polish Supplementary School Council of America, an organization uniting 60 schools providing instruction to approximately 10 thousand students. As a reward, twenty students will take part in a summer camp at the Kopernik Observatory and Science Center in Vestal, NY, with the expenses covered by PSFCU.

 The Kopernik Observatory was established by Kopernik Society, a Polish-American organization which also oversees its operation. It is one of the most renowned public observatories in US North East.

 The competition began in February 2008 and aimed at selecting students interested in sciences, who wrote best essays on the topic “How can the example of Nicolaus Copernicus and the financial support of Our Union assist me in becoming a scientist?” The essays were evaluated by a special committee composed of Polish Supplementary School Council of America teachers.

Comemorative photograph of competition winnres
and Credit Union representatives

List of winners:                        

Grades 7-8

Piotr Felusiak
Paweł Kuźniar  
Olivier Głowacz  
Dominika Łapińska  
Patrycja Sulich
Kamila Pawka
Agata Stawowy  
Victoria Stawowy Mokos 
Anna Grygiel 
Magdalena Goncerz 
Anna Kosmaczewska 
Agata Śleboda
Cornelia Szymański                                                                         

Grades 9-12

Magdalena Stawowy
Aleksandra Czajkowski   
Justyna Felusiak 
Alicja Grygiel
Ariel Prochowski 
Julia Wądołowska 
Klaudia Jaźwińska

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