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uChoose Debit Card Rewards

Debit Cards

PSFCU offers two types of debit cards: Individual and Business Debit Visa® Cards. A PSFCU Debit Card gives you access to the funds deposited in your account and facilitates shopping worldwide. PSFCU Debit Card holders do not need to have an established credit history*. When paying with a Debit Card funds are automatically debited from the owner’s checking account. Now the card also comes with the added security and convenience of contactless transactions. It is faster than writing a check and more secure than carrying cash. So whether you tap, insert or swipe, reach for a PSFCU Debit Card everywhere you shop, dine or travel. And remember, to keep your card active, you need to perform at least one transaction a year.


uChoose Debit Card Rewards

Remember the days where loyalty and reward points could only be earned on credit card purchases? At the PSFCU, those days are over! Who says you cannot earn points with your debit card? Welcome to the PSFCU uChoose Rewards program! All enrolled Members will soon begin earning rewards points on all Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union VISA® debit card transactions.
All personal and business debit card holders are eligible to apply. By enrolling in the uChoose Rewards program, PSFCU VISA® debit cardholders will be awarded 1 point for every $2 spent. Additionally, program members will be eligible for exclusive offers/promotions while earning as many as 10 points for each $1 spent!

How to enroll?

Simply visit the uChoose Rewards program website and follow the simple step by step instructions to register your Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union VISA® debit card(s). Once completed, you can click a link to your favorite participating vendors and start stacking up points! It’s that simple! Additionally, you can customize your account to receive additional e-mail offers tailored specifically for you!
More than one card? ! Not only can you customize your rewards, but you can even earn additional points by enrolling multiple VISA® debit cards under one uChoose Rewards account. The flexibility of the uChoose Rewards system allows for same account type card co-enrollment-spouses with PSFCU VISA® debit cards or individuals with multiple debit cards can combine their royalty points all under one reward account (business accounts cannot be combined with personal accounts).
Earning loyalty points has never been easier-simply sign off on all of your registered PSFCU VISA® debit card purchases. Each signature debit transaction is awarded points automatically. Additionally, if you shop at any of the participating vendors, in store and/or online, you gain additional points.

Available rewards

Apply your points towards exclusive products, event tickets, gift cards, trips, and so much more! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enroll and start using uChoose Rewards today! 

SMS Fraud Alerts

Our Credit Union members holding PSFCU VISA® debit cards can rest more assured about security issues.  They can register for the SMS Fraud Alerts program for their debit cards.

If you have a PSFCU VISA® Debit Card, you don’t have to worry about someone making an illegal transaction with it, and not knowing about it until you get your account statement or visit a Credit Union branch. If a transaction seems suspicious, the monitoring system will immediately send a verification text message to your mobile phone. Therefore, you can react immediately if any transaction is carried out by an unauthorized person.

How to Join?

You must register in advance to receive SMS fraud alerts on your mobile phone. As a PSFCU VISA® debit card holder, you should have received a mobile phone text message reading: “PSFCU Debit Card Fraud Alerts. Reply YES to enroll. Reply HELP for help. STOP to cancel”.

To join the program, reply “YES” and you will receive another text message (“Thank you for enrolling”) confirming that you joined the program. If you don’t want any more such notifications, reply “STOP”. Sending a “HELP” message is a request for additional assistance.
If you haven’t received the text message or you haven’t had time to answer “YES” and would like to register for the program, just call the PSFCU Member Service Center at 1.855.PSFCU.4U (1.855.773.2848) and inform one of our representatives. Anyone who obtains a PSFCU VISA® debit card after May 21 should receive a message inviting them to participate in the program within a few days of applying for the debit card.

One reason you may not have received the above invitation to make use of the service may be because you didn’t notify the Credit Union of your current mobile number. To provide that information, please also contact the PSFCU Member Service Center at 1.855.PSFCU.4U (1.855.773.2848).

The SMS fraud alert service is free and is currently available only to PSFCU VISA® debit card holders.

Membership restrictions apply. Other restrictions may also apply.


CardValet from Fiserv lets PSFCU debit cardholders safeguard their cards from fraud with customized alerts and the ability to set limits on cards.

When users download CardValet from Google PlayTM or the App StoreSM, they can:

  • Turn their cards on or off from their smartphones 
  • Sign up for transactional alerts based on amount, location, merchant type, etc. 
  • Access real time account balances
  • Set location preferences, so their card works only where they are
  • Set limits for spending - great for parents or employers 
  • See past transaction details
  • And set other features 

Click here to view a brief video about the features of the CardValet service and app.

CardValet service Terms and Conditions, and Privacy Policy.

Members still have to notify PSFCU when traveling outside of the US. Setting a higher daily limit in CardValet will not override the daily system withdrawal limit on debit cards.

Benefits of Your PSFCU Debit Card

It is convenient and practical

  • Use it for purchases – you can use your PSFCU Debit Card to pay for daily purchases, at restaurants, online and to perform transactions wherever VISA® cards are accepted
  • Use it for cash advances – use your Debit Card for cash withdrawals at any bank. You don’t need your PIN, just a photo ID
  • Use it as an ATM Card – use your Debit Card for cash withdrawals worldwide and for deposits at any PSFCU ATM. Withdrawals are free of charge at all PSFCU-owned ATMs, as well as all ATMs participating in the MoneyPass® Surcharge-free ATM network**
  • It is accepted worldwide – it is great for travel. You won’t have to worry about cash or travelers checks if you travel to Poland or any other foreign country

It is protected against fraud

Your PSFCU Debit Card is 100% protected against financial fraud. Your Card comes equipped with an EMV microchip - a small metal square on the front of your Card, which adds an additional level of security to your transactions at chip-enabled terminals. Chip & signature technology encrypts your transaction data, which makes it more difficult for unauthorized users to copy or access your Card information.

For more information about the EMV chip card, click here.

How to obtain a Debit Card?
  1. When you open a checking account online or at a branch you will be given the option to receive a Debit Card. If you already have a checking account, you may order your card at any branch or by calling our Member Services Center at 1.855.PSFCU.4U (1.855.773.2848).
  2. Upon receipt of your PSFCU Debit Card by mail, please activate it, and at the same time you will be prompted to select your own PIN, by calling the telephone number 1-800-992-3808. If calling international, please call 1-844-373-1729. For cardholders with an existing PIN - you can also activate your card at any ATM or by performing a PIN transaction.
  3. You will need a PIN to make transactions at any ATM or Point-of-Sale terminal. You may change your PIN number at any PSFCU branch or any PSFCU ATM’s.
  4. Upon activation, sign the back of the card and you can start using it immediately.
  5. PSFCU account co-owners can also get an individual Debit Card. Both cards can be used to perform transactions on the same checking account.
Daily Debit Card usage limits

Individual Debit Card (combined limit) - $9,000

  • "ATM PIN” transactions (when used at an ATM) - $1,000
  • "POS PIN” transactions (store purchases using PIN number) - $2,000
  • "Signature / Non-PIN” transactions (electronic transactions using card holder’s signature) - $3,000 (including Cash Advance $1,000)
  • Bill Payment transactions - $3,000


Business Debit Card (combined limit) - $20,000

  • "ATM PIN” transactions (when used at an ATM) - $2,000
  • "POS PIN” transactions (store purchases using PIN number) - $6,000
  • "Signature / Non-PIN” transactions (electronic transactions using card holder’s signature) - $8,000 (including Cash Advance $2,000)
  • Bill Payment transactions - $4,000


Number of transactions per day - 50

  • Visa Debit Card purchases - 40
  • Cash withdrawals (ATM transactions) - 10


For more information, please contact our Member Services Center at 1.855.PSFCU.4U (1.855.773.2848) or visit the nearest PSFCU branch.

What should I do if my Debit Card is ever lost or stolen?

Immediately call the 24/7 hotline at 1-800-472-3272 domestically or 1-973-682-2652 in case of an international telephone connection; you may also contact our Member Services Center during business hours at 1.855.PSFCU.4U (1.855.773.2848) (calls within US) or 1-973-808-3244 (International calls).

What should I do if my Debit Card has been compromised?

To learn more about compromised Debit Cards, click here.

Traveling with your PSFCU Visa® Debit Card

Using Your PSFCU Visa® Debit Card to Make Purchases While Traveling

Before your trip, take the following steps to make the most of your PSFCU Visa® Debit Card while traveling:

  • Remember to update your personal information, especially telephone number - it is very important that your telephone number on file with us remains current as this will be the number Fiserv Fraud Detection System will use to contact you in case any of your transactions are identified as high risk or fraudulent.
  • Remember to notify us where and when you’ll be traveling. This way we will be able to update our fraud detecting systems to allow access and prevent your Visa debit card purchases from being declined in the area where you are planning to travel.
  • When using your card outside of the U.S., make sure funds are available in both your Savings and Share Draft/Checking accounts. This is due to the fact that different vendors have different ways of processing purchases.
  • Be sure you know your 4-digit PIN. Some merchants may require a four-digit numeric PIN when using a debit card.
  • Make note of your 16-digit Debit Card account number and keep it in a safe place separate from your cards.
  • Check your card’s expiration date before your trip.
  • Check the daily usage limits or restrictions on your card. Your cards have daily spending and withdrawal restrictions. Be sure you have enough funds in your account and that your payments are up to date. You may also contact PSFCU to request an increase to your spending limit.
  • Research the current exchange rate for your destination at to compare Visa’s competitive rates to those offered by foreign exchange bureaus. Remember to include any additional fees.
  • Use the Visa ATM locator. To learn where you can use your card to withdraw cash during your trip, visit or the mobile site

At your destination:

  • Look for the Visa brand mark at merchant locations to ensure you can use your card:
  • Ask the merchant if Visa is accepted if you don’t see a Visa logo. No card is accepted at more places around the world than Visa, so it is likely your card will be accepted.
  • Consider selecting local currency if offered a choice between home and local currency when paying with your card. There may be additional fees associated with paying in your home currency. 
  • Request merchants swipe your card even if they say you need a chip card.
  • Check your receipt before signing to make sure it is for the correct amount.

Using Your PSFCU Visa® Debit Card at ATM Terminals Abroad 

  • Have your card ready to avoid searching through your wallet or handbag to find it.
  • Make sure you safeguard your PIN when entering your PIN or transaction amount. To keep your accounts safe, you should never write down your PIN.
  • Keep your ATM receipt. Compare your ATM receipts with your monthly statement to guard against unauthorized use of your card and make record keeping easier.
  • With your PSFCU Visa® Debit Card, you can get cash in the local currency from over 1 million Visa ATMs worldwide. You can use your card at any Visa or PLUS branded ATM*.

What to do if you have problems using your card or discover that it is Lost or Stolen

  • If you encounter a problem using your card in an ATM Terminal, you should contact PSFCU Member Services Center during business hours (M-F 8:00am – 8:00pm EST & Sat. 8:00am-4:00pm EST) at (855) 773-2848 - Domestic calls or (973) 808-3244 - International calls.
  • Lost or Stolen Card – To report Lost or Stolen card the PSFCU cardholders should contact immediately the following;
    • Fiserv Card Processing Center available 24/7 at (800) 472-3272 Domestic calls or (973) 682-2652 International calls
    • PSFCU Member Services Center during business hours at 1.855.PSFCU.4U (1.855.773.2848) - Domestic calls or 1-973-808-3244 - International calls
    • The Visa Global Customer Assistance Service Program (GCAS) offers emergency services in all major languages if your card is lost or stolen when you travel anywhere in the world. Enjoy peace of mind knowing assistance is only a phone call away 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere in the world. To find the GCAS number for your destination and instructions on how to use the service, visit the Global Customer Assistance Service page.

Benefits of Using Your PSFCU Visa® Debit Card

Personal PSFCU Visa® Debit Card Benefits

Your card is 100% protected against financial fraud; all Visa cards, including PSFCU Visa® Debit Card, provide standard security and protection features to prevent, detect, and resolve fraudulent activity

  • Provides you access to the funds on your account
  • Convenient when traveling
  • Accepted worldwide
  • VISA may charge a fee for cash withdrawals made abroad 

Business PSFCU Visa® Debit Card Benefits

Your card is 100% protected against financial fraud; all Visa cards, including PSFCU Visa® Debit Card, provide standard security and protection features to prevent, detect, and resolve fraudulent activity

  • Provides you access to the funds on your account
  • Convenient when traveling
  • Accepted Worldwide
  • No Cash Advance Fee
  • Your Business card has additional Enhancement Services.
    • Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver – Primary Owner only.
    • Cardholder Inquiry Service
    • Purchase Security with Extended Protection
    • Travel and Emergency Assistance Services
    • Visa Liability Waiver

*Transaction fees may apply

Helpful Hints

Tips how to protect a Debit Card against demagnetization

In order to protect our Members’ VISA Debit Cards from potential damage, Polish and Slavic Federal Credit Union is currently providing a “Tyvek” protective paper card sleeves with Debit Cards. Members should use the sleeves to keep the card protected. The sleeve will not only protect your card from being demagnetized, but will also prevent it from being damaged by dirt or scratches on the magnetic strip.

I. Potential reasons why a magnetic stripe can demagnetize:

a)   At the point-of-sale a card is run by the merchant across a demagnetizing pad that is also used for demagnetizing store clothing or electronics
b)   At home-magnets on and inside your refrigerator and in other areas of your home can erase the secure information about your account that is encoded on the magnetic strip. Also keys in your pocket can also scratch the strip and lead to difficulties with proper functioning of the card
c) Metal detectors
d) Magnetic clips on the wallets
e) Cellular phones

The examples listed above are the most common reasons for potential demagnetization, however there are many more, therefore it is very important to store and secure your card properly.

II. Please keep in mind, that a card may not be demagnetized but rather does not work because:

a) Transaction is rejected
b) The card may have been “hot carded” by the issuer if there is reason to believe the card is lost or stolen
c) Cardholder exceeded daily limits
d) Card may be expired
e) ATM machine is out of cash (if using the card to make a withdrawal with the card)
f) The cardholder may be trying to use the card where his/her card is not eligible

Funny but true...

From experience and what we have noticed, we can surely tell members:
-not to leave wallets with debit and credit cards on top of microwaves
-not to use cards as ice scrapers on the car windshield during winter
-not to bunch together cards as magnetic strips will demagnetize when placed one on top of the other
-unused card for prolonged time may also demagnetize
-not to expose cards to extreme heat, such as leaving them in cars on hot days

3D Secure

3D Secure is offered by Visa to make sure that the transactions made online are safe and secure with increased security for Card-not-Present (CNP), mobile or “app” transactions and offer significant improvements to the overall cardholder purchasing experience. There’s no need to register. PSFCU Consumer and Business Debit Cardholders are automatically enrolled. During an online purchase, cardholder may be directed through an extra step of verification. This helps to make sure that our members are protected against potential fraud. 

Helpful videos on 3DS

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the benefit?
    Through this program, cardholders have a layer of protection that helps to prevent the unauthorized use of VISA® debit card while shopping online. 
  2. Do I need a new VISA® ​​​​​​card to use this service?
    No. The current VISA® card will work, as long as the financial institution that issues the card is part of this VISA® Secure program. When using this service, the cardholder may occasionally be prompted at checkout to verify identity.
  3. Can I use both credit and debit cards?
    This service was designed for both VISA® credit and debit cards when shopping online. 
  4. How will the cardholder know if the online purchase has this added layer of protection? 
    This service automatically works at checkout with participating merchants. When using this service, cardholder may occasionally be prompted at checkout to verify identity, just to make sure that the debit card was used by its owner.
  5. What happens when the cardholder finishes shopping?
    As a member completes the transaction, he/she may be prompted to verify identity if additional authentication is required. It’s important to take special precautions when shopping online. This extra verification step helps ensure that the card that has been used belongs to the cardholder.
  6. If a cardholder does encounter this extra verification step, what will the extra check be?
    The financial institution has a number of tools that can help verify identity such as a one-time passcode or biometrics. If the cardholder encounters this extra step, he simply needs to follow the instructions on the screen to verify identity.
  7. Does the cardholder see the Visa logo when going through the extra check? What’s this about?
    If the cardholder does encounter this extra verification step, VISA® helps route the information to the financial institution so it can verify the identity. The VISA® logo is there to give cardholder the peace of mind that the transmission is secure and reliable.
  8. Cardholders used to see Verified by Visa on our website. Is this service different?
    No. Although the Verified by VISA® name is no longer in use, the same technology is in place to help protect the cardholder. In fact, this service was recently enhanced to make transactions more secure and the user experience more seamless.

For more information, please visit VISA® at:

*Other requirements may apply.
**Transaction fees may apply when using non-PSFCU ATMs or ATMs not participating in the MoneyPass® Surcharge-free network. For technical reasons, some MoneyPass® ATMs may still ask you to pay a transaction fee. If you see such a fee message when making a withdrawal, please cancel the transaction. When using your card outside of the U.S. funds must be available in both your Savings and Share Draft/Checking accounts. This is due to the fact that different vendors have different ways of processing purchases. MoneyPass® Surcharge-Free network is available in United States only.
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