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Watch Out for Fraudulent Text Messages

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Fraudulent Text Messages

Polish and Slavic Federal Credit Union has been notified that a number of PSFCU members in our area have received a fraudulent text message in the recent days. The fraudulent smishing "SMS phishing" text informs members their account with the Credit Union is blocked and to call 801-XXX-XXXX number to have it reactivated.

If you were to phone the number, you would be greeted by a ”card activation answering system” and advised of a need to re-activate a card due to recent system upgrade. You would then be prompted  to enter your card number, expiration date, 3 digit security code off the back of the card and PIN number for the card. This is a scam. If you receive this text message, delete it immediately. Do not call the number. Never provide any information to individuals or institutions you do not know, do not do business with or are unsure of institution’s or individual’s identity. Members always have the option to hang up on an incoming phishing call, not to call numbers off text messages and call a well-known PSFCU number 1-855-PSFCU4U (1-855-773-2848) instead.

Polish and Slavic Federal Credit Union is committed to maintaining the privacy of your account information. If you have already provided your information to the above telephone number, please contact Member Services Center immediately at 1-855-PSFCU4U (1-855-773-2848).

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