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How to Use an ATM Safely

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How to Use an ATM Safely

Although using an ATM offers a quick and easy access to cash, one must remember to keep safety precautions when withdrawing money from a machine. The difficult economic situation, coupled with unexpected natural disasters, have caused a rise in theft and robbery attacks, often with the use of weapons, against persons withdrawing cash or making
deposits at ATMs.

Although this has not occurred near any ATMs located in our branches, which are monitored by video and protected by a number of security features, we would like to caution our members against such a possibility when using any ATM
at any location.

Below you will find a list of recommended security guidelines when using any publicly accessible ATM, both in the US and overseas:

• Try not to use an ATM at night. If you have to perform such transaction, if possible, do so in the presence of a person you know;
• Minimize the time spent at an ATM. Prepare your card and a deposit slip in advance;
• Park your car as close to the entrance to the ATM as possible;
• When performing a transaction, avoid using the help of an unknown person;
• When waiting at a „Drive-Thru” line, do not turn the engine off, lock your doors and close all windows. Maintain ample space from the car ahead of you so that, in an emergency, you are able to drive away quickly;
• After completing an ATM transaction, take your cash, envelope and receipt and leave the ATM quickly. Count the cash you have withdrawn in a secure location;
• If, while performing the transaction, you notice anything or anyone raising suspicion, cancel the transaction and immediately leave the ATM;
• If you notice someone following you after performing an ATM transaction, go to a busy, well-lit location and call the police;
• When performing an ATM transaction, stand close to the machine so that no one could se what you are doing. This way, you will protect your pin and your transaction;
• Verify printed ATM transaction receipts against your account statement. You will then be able to verify any possible unauthorized transactions;
• Report the theft or loss of your card immediately.

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