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 Retail Benefits


We are pleased to announce a brand new PSFCU Member benefit designed specifically for you.  It is called CASH BACK SHOPPING and it will allow you to earn cash back every time you do your on-line shopping through our brand new PSFCU shopping portal. And if you use your PSFCU VISA Card when you shop, your rewards can be even richer!

When you access your favorite stores through our shopping portal, the merchant will give you money back for shopping with them.  It is that easy.  The merchants have agreed to give you back between 2% and 40% of the total cost of your purchases!  Additionally, any coupons or on-line shopping promotions you may have with that merchant will also be honored.

And the benefit keeps getting better:  If you shop with your PSFCU VISA Card you can also earn valuable points in our VISA Reward Program that can be used for future travel or merchandise rewards.

There are currently thousands of merchants who are participating in this program with more joining every day. Merchants like Best Buy, Target, Barnes & Noble, Wal-Mart, Bloomingdales, Macy’s and Travelocity already participate.
CASH BACK SHOPPING costs you nothing to use.  You can use this portal from your home computer or through any other internet connection as well.
PSFCU has no connection to the merchants you choose to shop with and is not involved in any way with any transaction, financial or otherwise. PSFCU does not get records of your shopping habits, and we do not get any type financial incentive for this service.  Once you access your merchant through the PSFCU Retail Benefits portal, you are shopping with the merchant, just like you would if you had gone directly to their website.

The money you earn comes directly from the merchant and gets deposited into your Retail Benefits Account. The money back that you earn can be sent directly from Retail Benefits to your bank account or you may receive it by check.

You may also donate the money you are saving to a charity of your choice. You will receive a separate email shortly inviting you to join Retail Benefits through the PSFCU web portal page.  Simply click on the link provided and set up your personal profile and begin to shop.

We hope you take advantage of CASH BACK SHOPPING together with the PSFCU VISA Card Rewards Program for a truly worthwhile shopping experience!


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