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Announcement: PSFCU Board of Directors Election Results

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Announcement: PSFCU Board of Directors
Election Results

The Annual Meeting of the Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union took place on Sunday, October 16, 2011 at the headquarters of the Polish Cultural Foundation in Clark, NJ. During the meeting, PSFCU members heard reports on the Credit Union results for 2010 and asked questions about PSFCU-related issues important to them, which where answered by the Board of Directors and representatives of the PSFCU Management.

One of the last topics on the agenda was the announcement of the Board of Directors election results. Candidates for the Board of Directors received the following numbers of votes:

John Czop – 996 votes,
Leon Fuks – 894 votes,
Małgorzata Gradzki – 1306 votes,
Bożena Kajewska-Pielarz – 1014 votes,
Bożena Kamiński – 737 votes,
Beata Klar-Jakubowski – 1712 votes,
Leon Kokoszka – 1209 votes,
Irena Marchaj – 951 votes,
Marian Meller – 312 votes,
Wojciech Mleczko – 1089 votes,
Pawel Pachacz – 654 votes,
Janusz Skowron – 1054 votes,
Halina Stępień – 613 votes,
Waldemar Szuba – 338 votes,
Arkadiusz Tomaszewski – 752 votes,
Marzena Wojczulanis – 1162 votes.

A total of 4,642 PSFCU members cast their votes in this year’s election. The following candidates were elected to the four vacant Board seats:

Małgorzata Gradzki
Beata Klar-Jakubowski
Leon Kokoszka
Marzena Wojczulanis

We congratulate the election winners. Simultaneously, we would like to extend cordial thanks to the departing Directors, Ms. Irena Marchaj, Ms. Krystyna Myssura, Ms. Małgorzata Wądołowski and Mr. Wojciech Mleczko for their dedication and commitment in working on behalf of PSFCU and the entire Polish community.

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