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What is an IRA? Seminars at PSFCU

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Members ask…. PSFCU answers…
(New York, November 9, 2006) – Since the Credit Union receives a lot of questions regarding IRA's, we decided to organize free seminars dedicated to this topic for our members. The IRA seminars offered by Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union took place in our community room located at 100 McGuinness Blvd in Brooklyn on  Wednesday November 8, 2006, and also on November 15, in Clifton, New Jersey.  In both places our members gathered to listen to the presentation.
During seminars, our IRA Specialist, Anna Chrzanowska, described the benefits of an IRA at PSFCU and the basic rules. She also informed the gathered members about Retirement Tax Credits and answered questions related to the IRA services offered by our Credit Union.
There was also a special guest at these seminars – Ms. Elzbieta Baumgartner, a member of the Board of Directors and author of numerous personal finance handbooks.  In her presentation, Ms. Baumgartner discussed general issues, pertaining to IRA’s and the United States tax code.
Seminar attendees were treated to a light snack and small promotional souvenirs. Although the snacks and souvenirs were appreciated, the information the participants received will certainly help them in their future financial and retirement planning; as well as the strategic direction they will take in securing their retirement.  Even though many are still far away from retirement, it’s wise to acquire knowledge of how to secure a comfortable future.
Those who could not attend seminars are welcome to visit our site containing detailed information regarding IRA accounts at the Credit Union.
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