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Statement from the Board of Directors

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Brooklyn, NY November 7, 2006
A Statement from the Board of Directors of the Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union
The Board of Directors, management, employees and members of the Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union (PSFCU) are outraged at the comments of an employee of the NYC Parks Department, using pejorative terminology to denigrate Polish people, especially those residing in Greenpoint.
PSFCU was established 30 years ago, since Polish immigrants were unable to secure mortgages to purchase or renovate buildings/homes in the Greenpoint area, which at that time was rather rundown – just like most of the neighborhoods occupied by immigrants or minorities.
Thanks to the efforts of our members and the PSFCU’s work, Greenpoint became one of the most attractive, safest and cleanest neighborhoods in Brooklyn.  That could also be one of the reasons that most of the major banks are now in fierce competition to open branches to take advantage of the savings that the Poles have accumulated.
Polish Greenpoint welcomed and hosted many guests, regardless of their national origin or religious beliefs. Among them is the author of the anti-Polish article, which in poorly selected terminology (attempting to be journalist satire) demands the removal of the “Polish infestation” from Greenpoint.
An additional “slap in the face” to our community is the fact that this individual is paid from tax payer funds and works for the city agency, which has not paid attention to Greenpoint,  as evidenced by the condition of the sport and playground facilities found at the local park.
We do not wish to identify the name of this individual, so that this person will not get any more undeserved publicity.  However, we demand that this type of and similar anti-Polish behavior be punished by the officials of the City of New York, as well as being condemned by the officials at Haverford University, where the mentioned individual received his diploma and continues to publish his degrading articles - unpunished.
We demand that issues related to hateful anti-Polish comments, be treated in the same harsh manner as anti-Semitism or racism, just as required by the law of our city and state.
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