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Polish Day at Columbia University

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( New York , October 19, 2006) Never had so many Polish voices echoed at Columbia University at one time, as they did at the special event organized last Monday by PSFCU, Polish Student Club at Bernard College and Columbia University , as well as the Polish Student Organization of NY.

180 individuals, among which were a group of parents, came to the International Relations Center, to become acquainted with the requirements for attending Columbia .  They also had the opportunity to meet with representatives of Columbia and participate in a seminar prepared by Dr. Katarzyna Kowalska and the Polish Student Organization, which outlined the strategy of applying for admission to institutions of higher learning.

Students and PSFCU employees (Alex Storożyński third from left),
listen to
Dr. Kowalska's presentation 

“If you are considering Ivy League studies, you must begin preparing early.” – said Dr. Kowalska. “The higher you aim the more efforts you will need. To attend a community college, a high school diploma and completed application is all you need. To be accepted to an elite institution, you must take advanced or AP courses in high school, take the SAT and SAT II tests, write an essay or essays, acquire strong recommendation letters from your teachers and demonstrate achievements in extracurricular activities.”  Dr. Kowalska was assisted by three Polish students attending Columbia (ranked among the top in the Ivy League), who also provided practical advice.

“We have a fantastic and talented youth, which should find itself at the best learning institutions in the country.” – commented Alex Storzynski, 1st Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of PSFCU, a graduate from Columbia’s journalism program who also attended the event. “Inspiration and good advice are often very crucial in the life of a young individual in setting them on the path to success. The success of the young polonia is very important to our credit union – because it is our success too.” 


 Columbia University

The event was hosted by Dr. John Micgiel of Columbia University ’s International Relations Center, who speaks Polish proficiently and is one of the initiators for creating a Polish studies program at Columbia .  In his speech, Dr. Micgiel congratulated Polonia for bringing up such an intelligent young generation, wished the students success in achieving their educational goals and thanked the organizers.  “Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union is a financial institution for polonia and is very involved in the matter of having our ethnic group attend Columbia , as well as creating the Polish Studies center.” – underlined Dr. Micgiel.  “In the last two years, we have received significant financial support from the credit union, for which we sincerely thank them. We anticipate that the Polish Studies center will become a reality within four years, when we accumulate the necessary funds.”

Attendees, who were very shy at first in the new environment, left the event convinced that with the proper work and preparations, studying at Columbia or other Ivy League schools, are within their reach.  The credit union and the Polish Student Organization in NY plan to organize similar events at the credit union’s branches in the coming weeks.  Their details will be announced in the branches and Polish media.

 Students review materials  Group of students at the seminar
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