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Press Announcement Concerning Situation at PSC

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concerning the meeting of Polish-American community
on the situation at the Polish & Slavic Center.

Faced with a serious crisis resulting from the termination of a number of programs at the Polish & Slavic Center and the danger of the closing of this institution in the future, Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union proposed a meeting of Polish-American community leaders in New York and New Jersey to find ways of saving the Polish & Slavic Center from liquidation. The meeting took place on February 6, 2009 at the PSFCU headquarters located ant 100 McGuinness Blvd. in Greenpoint.

On behalf of the PSFCU, the meeting was attended by: Krzysztof Matyszczyk, Chairman of the Bard of Directors; Małgorzata Wądołowski, 1st Vice Chairman; Elżbieta Baumgartner, 2nd Vice Chairman; Kaja Sawczuk, Secretary; Jan Szałyga, Treasurer; Tomasz Bortnik, Director; Irena Marchaj, Director; Wojciech Mleczko, Director; Marzena Wierzbowska, Director; and Bogdan Chmielewski, Chief Executive Officer.

The meeting was attended by the following Polish-American community representatives (in alphabetical order):

Dorota Andraka, Chairwoman of the Polish Supplementary School Council of America
Adam Bąk, Chairman of the Polish-American Business Club
Maria Bielska, commandant of the Polish Scouting Association
Zygmunt Bielski, Polonia activist
Antoni Chróścielewski, Chairman of the Polish-American Veteran Association
Rev. Bogumił Chruściel, Pastor of the St. Stanislaus Parish Church in Newark
Frederick Czulada, Chairman of the Polish Cultural Foundation
Romuald Dymski, one of the Polish & Slavic Center founders
Henryk Filipkowski, Chairman of the Polish Friends of Copiague Association
Władysław Gęślak, Chairman of the Semper Fidelis Foundation
Beata Jakubowski, former Director of the Krakus program
Iwona Korda, Chairwoman of the Józef Pilsudski Institute of America
Czesław Lobrow, Polish-American businessman and activist
Edward Madej, Director of the Polish-American Photographic Club
Romuald Magda, Chairman of the Pułaski Association of Business & Professional Men
Kazimierz Mroczek, Polish-American businessman and activist
Zdzisław Nowak, former activist of the Polish & Slavic Center
Piotr Pachacz, Chairman of SPATA
Alex Storożyński, Chairman of the Kosciuszko Foundation
Sławomir Tomkowski, Director of the Polish-American Business Club
Ludwik Wnękowicz, Chairman of the Polish-American Congress for NJ
Mark Zawisny, founder of the Polish-American Lawyer Association
Richard Zawisny, Chairman of the General Pulaski Memorial Parade Committee

Among the invited guests were also several members of the Krakus club: Wojciech Bielecki, Sławomir Dąbrowski, Stanisław Kłosiński, Julian Morawiec, Zdzisław Redziak as well as two representatives of the Polish & Slavic Center Audit Committee, Richard Brzozowski and Antoni Matrejek.

Meeting participants discussed the drastic situation at the Polish & Slavic Center caused by the latest decision of its Board concerning the closing of a majority of their programs. They expressed their deep concern with the way the Center is being managed as well as fears about the future of this organization, so necessary for the Polish-American community. Meeting attendees made numerous severely critical remarks about the current Board of Directors and Management of the Polish & Slavic Center. They stressed that the decision to close the Center was made without consulting PSC members and without providing any specific grounds, including financial ones. All attendees agreed that the Polish & Slavic Center belongs to the nearly 50-thousand strong group of its members and the decision concerning its closing should be made by all of them. They also called for the immediate announcement of a General Member Meeting of the Polish & Slavic Center. Participants also discussed methods of providing temporary assistance to PSC members affected by the closing of social programs. Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union and other meeting attendees voiced their readiness to provide facilities and help necessary for continuing these programs until such time when problems at the Center are resolved.
The meeting resulted in the announcement of a workgroup which would continuously monitor developments at the Center. The group includes: Adam Bąk, Beata Jakubowska, Alex Storożyński, Małgorzata Wądołowski and Marek  Zawisny.

After carefully listening to the opinions voiced by the meeting participants, members of the Polish & Slavic Center Audit Committee, Richard Brzozowski and Antony Matejek, decided to file a petition calling on the PSC Board of Directors to immediately organize, within 14 days, a General Meeting of the PSC members in accordance with the statute of this institution.

The goals of the General PSC Member Meeting would be:

  • Presenting PSC members with current financial reports and providing answers to all arising questions.
  • Vote on the motion of confidence for the current PSC Board of Directors.
  • In the case of not receiving the confidence vote and removal of the current members of the Bard of Directors by the General Assembly, selection of a 5-person Nominating Committee which would organize New elections to the Polish & Slavic Center Board of Directors. Newly elected Board would then present a plan for rescuing the Center and obtain membership dues which PSFCU would collect from its members.

All attendees expressed their thanks to the Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union for showing initiative and organizing this important meeting. At the same time, they called on the members of the Polish & Slavic Center to attend the General Member Meeting, the date and place of which the Center’s Board of Directors is obligated to announce within the next few days.


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