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Announcement of the PSFCU Board Of Directors 01/30/2009

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Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union would like to inform our members and the local Polonia that we gladly welcome the commencement of public debate concerning the Polish and Slavic Center. PSC is a very important institution for the Polish-American community and its programs, supported by PSFCU from the beginning of our existence, have served and will continue to serve our community, especially our seniors and youth who need them most.
We wish to discuss the situation at PSC in a positive and constructive manner despite the unjust attacks that Polish and Slavic Center’s Chairwoman, Ms. Bozena Kaminska, has launched against our institution and our Directors with her baseless accusations, alleging that our Credit Union is responsible for closing PSC programs.
The decision to close Center programs has been made solely by the management of PSC and we have not been advised about any credible grounds for such decision. Polish-American media, in turn, are being told that our Credit Union is at fault for not collecting the $20 membership dues. This is an obvious attempt to turn the public attention away from the difficult financial situation of the Center.
We believe that both the media and the Polish-American organizations have a duty to carefully verify the financial situation at the Polish and Slavic Center and to review the decisions made by its management within the last year. Such public analysis could possibly reveal the actual facts and, hopefully, end the unsubstantiated attacks on Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union. In particular, the Polonia should find out why the financial condition of the Center has worsened so drastically within
only one year.
With regard to our previous announcement, we would like to reiterate that:
1. Polish & Slavic Center is one of five sponsoring organizations for PSFCU. PSFCU has offered to collect membership dues for all our sponsors, i.e. the Polish & Slavic Center, Polish Friends of Copiague, Polish Cultural Foundation in Clark, NJ, Polish Supplementary School Council and the Pulaski Memorial Parade Committee. In order to regulate this process, PSFCU prepared an agreement which was promptly signed by all sponsors with the exception of the Polish and Slavic Center.

2. PSC refused to sign the agreement claiming that it already has a valid contract with PSFCU. We would like to inform again that the contract
Ms. Kaminska has been referring to was cancelled in 2003. She is well aware of that fact because the decision about cancelling the old contract was made by the PSFCU Board of Directors at the time when both she and her husband served as members of that Board.

3. PSFCU is still willing to continue collecting membership dues on behalf of the Polish & Slavic Center respecting the same rules and regulations included in the contract agreements signed with the remaining four sponsoring organizations, which PSC is also
required to sign.

4. Any change in the amount of membership dues that are being deducted from our Members’ accounts needs authorization of respective account owners. Thus, at present, collecting higher membership dues by PSFCU is not possible.

5. In addition, we wish to continue the dialogue and cooperation with the Polish & Slavic Center. On Thursday, January 29, PSFCU Board of Directors met with representatives of the PSC. We hope that the dialogue we have started will lead to much needed conclusions within the Center and will allow for the return of constructive cooperation, which has recently been breached by the public attacks on our institution.
We count on the Center’s management to provide the Polonia with an action plan that will lead to the improvement of the situation at this distinguished organization.
Finally, we would like to express our gratitude to our Members and the Polish-American organizations and activists who are concerned about the existing conflict and who continue to support our institution’s course of action. We want to assure our Members that thanks to our good financial situation, we will continue our mission of supporting the Polonia in the United States, just as we have successfully been doing for
the last 33 years.


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