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Fourth PSFCU sponsor: Polish Supplementary School Council

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Polish Supplementary School Council of America becomes PSFCU's fourth sponsor

Polish Supplementary School Council of America, Inc. has become the fourth sponsoring organization for the Polish and Slavic Federal Credit Union. The Council has already been working in cooperation with our Credit Union on several projects for a few years. Thanks to that cooperation, the students of Polish supplementary schools were able to take advantage of special programs, such as “Credit Union for Students,” “Astronomy Adventure with Copernicus” and “It Pays to Be a Credit Union Member”. By becoming a sponsor, the Council undertakes a task that is very important for the development of Our Credit Union - it has decided to help us gain new members, especially among the younger generation. It will also help promote our Credit Union within the Polish American community.

Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union is an institution providing financial services for members of our sponsoring organizations. In other words, before one opens an account at PSFCU, he or she has to be a member of one of the four organizations sponsoring our Credit Union. Currently, PSFCU sponsors include Polish Friends of Copiague, Polish Cultural Foundation and Polish & Slavic Center, plus the recently added Polish Supplementary School Council of America. Each sponsoring organization follows its individual goals, described in its statute. PSFCU, on the other hand, provides financial services to all its members. With its sound financial capabilities, our Credit Union provides significant support to its sponsoring organizations and to nearly 200 hundred other organizations, parishes and Polish ethnic schools.

“I would like to cordially welcome the Council as our new sponsor,” said Mr. Krzysztof Matyszczyk, Chairman of PSFCU Board of Directors. “I am certain that the Council will positively influence the development of our institution and that, together with other sponsors, the Council will actively participate in the programs, through which PSFCU yields assistance the Polish American community”.

The Polish Supplementary School Council of America was established in 1925 in the wake of the liquidation of bilingual ethnic schools. Its goal was to provide help and support to Polish schools in the states of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and Florida. These schools offered mainly weekend classes, replacing the former parish and ethnic schools. The Council assumed the role of the Polish Board of Education in the US; it worked with school management and teaching staff, organizing meetings and methodological training. During World War II, even though many supplementary schools suspended their classes, the Council continued to operate as before.

Currently, the Polish Supplementary School Council unites 65 schools operating in the above-mentioned states, with 8,030 registered students and 565 teachers.  The Council works in cooperation with the Polish Ministry of Education, Center of Advanced Teacher Training in Lublin, the “Wspólnota Polska” Association, Polish-American Congress, the Polish Consulate in New York, Pilsudski Institute.

Striving to improve language proficiency at the Polish supplementary schools, the Polish Supplementary School Council has created a variety of interscholastic events. With the help of the Educational Committee of the Polish-American Congress, the Council has also introduced Polish Regents Exam and Polish Certification Exams, administered at the Columbia University in New York.  Passing the Polish Regents Exams gives students 3 language credits in most American high schools and – depending on school requirements – allows students to obtain college credits.

“We believe that this is a very good decision not only for the Council and the Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union, but also for the entire Polish American community,” said Ms. Dorota Andraka, the Council’s President. “We will provide PSFCU with access to the Polish American communities in other states, in which the local Polonia will surely welcome the Credit Union’s services with joy. We will work hard so that as many parents, children and teachers as possible open their accounts at PSFCU and become its members”.

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