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Official Announcement of the PSFCU Board of Directors 12/20/2008

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An Official Announcement of the PSFCU
Board of Directors

For many years, Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union (PSFCU) has been a symbol of financial success and strength of the Polonia. We hold this position owing to the unwavering support of the nearly 70-thousand strong membership community. Our success allows us to provide financial support to hundreds of Polish organizations, schools and churches as well as for a multitude of Polish cultural events. PSFCU receives gratitude for such support on a nearly everyday basis.

Unfortunately, during the past weeks PSFCU and its Directors became targets of vicious, libelous and slandersous public attacks based on unfounded and defamatory accusations.

These actions were commenced and coordinated by Ms. Bożena Kamiński, current President of the Polish & Slavic Center (PSC). Her actions are an attempt to shift public attention away from the difficult and complicated situation of the Polish & Slavic Center which, under her leadership, faces the loss of financial subsidies from the City of New York. Without any grounds to do so, Ms. Kaminski attempts to blame PSFCU for PSC’s difficulties which she created herself.

As a result, the PSFCU Board of Directors would like to provide you with some indisputable facts pertaining to the matter:

  • During the past year, numerous experienced employees who held key positions at the Polish & Slavic Center have been dismissed. Ms. Kaminski, despite having been elected to the Center’s Board of Directors on a volunteer basis, assumed a salaried position of the PSC President, which may constitute an abuse of the trust of her electorate and all PSC members.
  • Credit Unions in the United States have no legal obligation to collect sponsor organization membership dues from their members. In a gesture of good will, PSFCU is one of few credit unions that collect such dues and transfers them to the sponsor organizations.
  • Since the previous contract agreement between PSFCU and the Polish & Slavic Center has been cancelled, the Board of Directors found it imperative to set and regulate its cooperation with all sponsor organizations.
  • PSFCU presented all sponsor organizations with a proposal of an almost identical agreement regulating, among others, the issue of dues collection. With the exception of the Polish & Slavic Center, all sponsor organizations have signed the agreement without any reservations.
  • The only formal reply received from the Polish & Slavic Center was limited to the information that membership dues would be raised from $10 to $20 and a threat of court action against the PSFCU. Thus far, Ms. Kaminski has not expressed any specific reservations or objections concerning her refusal to accept the proposed agreement.
  • The decision to raise membership dues has not been noticed to the PSC members or in any way consulted with the members themselves. PSFCU, as a separate institution, has only received consent from PSC members to collect membership fees in the amount of $10 per year.
  • The Polish & Slavic Center received all its membership dues for the year 2008 and as no contract is in effect with the PSC, the decision concerning the collection of dues for 2009 has not yet been discussed by the PSFCU Board of Directors.

We are highly offended that Ms. Kaminski exploits retirees from the Krakus Club and children participating in PSC programs to further her personal agenda. We are appalled by the manipulation of those people with false information and by the way they are being pressured to participate in demonstrations against our institution and against individual members of the Board of Directors.

Ms. Kaminski’s actions constitute a provocation aimed at starting yet another lawsuit which we would like to avoid and in which she would be a suing party.

Under these regretful circumstances, the PSFCU Board of Directors has decided to break off any relations with Ms. Kaminski relating to the Polish & Slavic Center until Ms. Kaminski resigns all positions held at PSC. We are saddened having to make this decision particularly because the Polish & Slavic Center is an organization rich in tradition, whose services for the Polonia merit recognition. It is an institution which should and potentially still can play a significant role in the life of our New York community.

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