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Our Credit Union at the Annual Pulaski Parade

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Credit Union Celebrates The Past
While Focusing On The Future At Pulaski Day Parade
Parade Float Encourages Poles To Go To The Polls
Embracing the future with one hand without loosening its grip on the past with the other, the Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union presented a colorful take on the institution’s commitment to convenience and technology, while also paying tribute to its rich history and heritage at this year’s Pulaski Day Parade in New York.

PSFCU at the Pulaski Parade-5th Ave & 42nd St

The annual parade, which by tradition is held on the first Sunday of October, celebrated this year the 400th anniversary of the arrival of Poles in America.
With its cutting-edge Mobile Branch leading the way down Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, the PSFCU impressed the thousands of onlookers with its colorful display, rhythmic Polish music and its scores of children dressed in decorative Polish folk costumes.

The Mobile Branch at the Pulaski Parade

With its theme of focusing on the future without losing sight of its past, the PSFCU contingent was able to successfully communicate that it fully intends to help shepherd its members into the future, while continuing to support and promote their valued traditions.
“The Pulaski Day Parade is a special time for all Polish-Americans, but especially for our Credit Union because we are able to take center stage to let everyone know how deeply committed we are to this community,” said Mr. Bogdan Chmielewski, chief executive officer of the PSFCU.  “We are so much more than just a bank to our people.  That’s where the ‘credit union difference’ comes into play.  Our members look to us for leadership, support and assistance.  This is a role and responsibility that we cherish and hold sacred.”
At this year’s parade, the PSFCU took on the leadership role of encouraging its members to be active in the upcoming elections.  Stressing the importance of having their voices heard at the ballot box, the PSFCU urged all parade-goers to register and vote this year.  One sign on the PSFCU float proclaimed: “We are stronger with each vote.”

PSFCU encouraging its members to vote

Throughout the year, the Credit Union used its internal communications to spread the same message to its 70,000 members.  In June, all members received voter registration forms along with their monthly statements.
 “We felt it is important to press our members to be heard, whether it’s on the local level or the national level,” said Mr. Chmielewski.  “This is yet another example of how we actively participate in the lives and events that have shaped Polonia over the past 32 years.”

With nearly 150 PSFCU representatives taking part, the PSFCU float was festooned with colorful balloons and eye-catching props.  The centerpiece was a large, oversized layout of two mock-up laptop computers showing the PSFCU web page that showcased the CU's Online Banking solution.
But what impressed most parade-goers was the Credit Union’s mobile branch that led the procession.  The “CU on Wheels,” as some call it, is a vehicle outfitted with the latest banking technology and security.  The mobile unit can travel the country, setting up temporary operations wherever there are PSFCU members. Providing its members with comprehensive financial services – even teller service – the mobile branch is one of the latest advancements introduced by the PSFCU to provide greater convenience for the Polish-American community.








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