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The PSFCU Sponsors Two Important Polish Community Events

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“The Credit Union Bonds Us”
The PSFCU Sponsors Two Important Polish Community Events
On April 22, 2006, we were the special sponsor of the Kosciuszko Foundation’s Debutante Ball (71st Annual Dinner and Ball). A day later, our delegation attended a ceremony held by the Pulaski Association of Business and Professional Men, Inc., honoring Mr. Richard Mazur, the well-known Polish community leader.


 Alicja Malecka, CEO of PSFCU with Richard Mazur

The former event was held at the prestigious Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in Manhattan. During the presentation of sponsors, the Foundation’s Executive Director Joseph Gore thanked the Credit Union for its financial support and congratulated us on our 30th Anniversary, extending special thanks to the Credit Union’s Chairman of the Board, Mr. Alex Storozynski, and our Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Alicja Malecka.
The day before, at a special ceremony at the Kosciuszko Foundation, Ms. Malecki presented the debutantes (the young ladies who were officially initiated into “adult” society at the ball) with special gifts from the Credit Union. At the presentation of the gifts ($100 on their Credit Union debit cards) the debutantes received the official title of “Debit-antes” from the Credit Union, which the young women took as a jocular compliment. Ms. Malecki expressed her pleasure that young Polish people were upholding tradition and would be availing themselves of the services of the Credit Union, the largest Polish ethnic financial institution.
The Credit Union has been working with the Kosciuszko Foundation for many years and has also enjoyed the ceaseless support of this most prestigious Polish ethnic institution.
The latter event was the Pulaski Association’s popular banquet honoring the “Man of the Year”. Richard Mazur, who won the honorable title this year, received a plaque commemorating the occasion from the PSFCU,  “We are presenting this award as an expression of gratitude for your activity and involvement in Polish-American community causes, as well as for your great support for Credit Union affairs,” said Ms. Malecki. The banquet organizers sincerely thanked all Credit Union members for sponsoring the banquet, especially Board Chairman Alex Storozynski, who attended the banquet with large delegation of Directors and Supervisory Board members.
Richard Mazur, a valued Polish community leader, has lived in Greenpoint for 50 years. He is a well-known and popular figure in the Polish community (he danced in a popular folk dance group for over 20 years), as well as a community leader. He now runs the Brooklyn Development Corporation, an organization that cares for the interests of the residents of Greenpoint and environments.
The Pulaski Association is one of the Credit Union’s most important partners. Its President, Mr. Pawel Pachacz, is also a member of the Supervisory Board, a long-time PSFCU member and an “ambassador” of our institution.
Our institution’s commitment to both events emphasizes the importance that the Credit Union attaches to being involved in the Polish community and supporting its numerous institution and organizations. In the context of both events, the statement “the Credit Union bonds us” is a good description of the role our institution plays every day in the Polish-American community.
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