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Virtual Branch is already open!

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Virtual Branch is already open!

Keeping in mind those of our members who live far from our branches (or who are short on time), we have created new, “virtual” branch of our Credit Union, available on the Internet. Thanks to this branch, handling your finances is faster and easier, and our services are available to residents of numerous states. In fact, it constitutes an entirely new section on our main page, with all internet banking functions grouped together.

Up until now, opening an account required a visit to our Credit Union, but now it is possible without coming to a branch. A few mouse clicks and filling out an online application allows you to become a Credit Union member. The virtual branch is available to serve members 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

For the first time, it is possible to submit a loan application online. Getting a loan is quicker and more efficient, and what’s most important, it is available to those living outside of the states of New York and New Jersey.

Aside from opening accounts and submitting loan applications, our “virtual” Credit Union branch offers all services it currently offers. Upon opening an online account access, you will be able to transfer funds between accounts, send money, check transaction progress and even stop payment on checks. E-banking lets you frequently and conveniently monitor account balances and transaction histories, confirm deposits and withdrawals, and even receive copies of deposited checks.

For those members who have problems remembering payment dates, our Credit Union provides the option of setting up recurring online payments, such as auto loan or utility and phone bill payments.

Our “virtual” Credit Union is already available to the entire Polonia!

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