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PSFCU Letter to the Chairman of News Corp., Owner of Fox Entertainment

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December 5, 2007

Mr. K. Rupert Murdoch
Chairman and Chief Executive
News Corporation
1211 Avenue of Americas
New York, NY  10036

Dear Mr. Murdoch,

This letter is in response to a Fox 5 TV episode of the sitcom “Back to you” that was broadcast nationwide on Fox 5 on November 14, 2007 at 8:00PM. In that episode, a journalist of Polish background named Gary Crezyzewski has a conversation with his fellow worker who says to him: “Come on Crezyzewski, you are the best bowler at this station.  It is in your Polish blood, like kielbasa, collaborating with the Nazis.”

Such statement is not only derogatory and libelous, it also blatantly disrespects the heroism and selfless efforts of our country men who risked their lives during World War II to fight for not only our nation’s freedom from Nazis occupation but that of other nations as well.  It publicly humiliates and ridicules our entire ethnic group and distorts history for sake of questionable “humor”. 

On behalf of the Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union – the biggest ethnic credit union in the United States, its Board of Directors, seventy thousand members and two hundred and forty employees we would like to express our outrage at the above statement.  We consider this to be an attack aimed at our ethnic pride, national values and reputation.  Over the past three weeks, we at PSFCU as well as other leaders of the Polish Community have received many complaints, and listened to numerous  concerns regarding this statement.  All of them reflecting the same sentiment - Fox in its sitcom “Back to you” have insulted and deeply hurt and upset all Poles and Polish Americans.

This re-write of history seems to forget some basic and indisputable facts of the same history. Poland was the first country attacked by the Nazis during the World War II, and the only Nazi-occupied country that never collaborated with the Germans.  The death toll of Polish citizens during World War II exceeds 6 million.  In its words and actions, Fox Broadcasting devalued this human sacrifice and the suffering of our entire nation...
Consequently, we demand a public apology from Fox Broadcasting for the above statement.  Such apology should be expressed in a way that will balance the damage wrought by the statement and it should reach the entire Polish community in the United States.


Krzysztof Matyszczyk                         Bogdan Chmielewski
Chairman of the                                Chief Executive Officer, PSFCU
PSFCU Board of Directors

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