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2019 Scholarship Application

The Scholarship Program is open to any PSFCU member (primary owner of the account: joint owners and children of owners do not qualify) who account was Opened Prior to January 1, 2018.


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Personal Information

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Date of Birth:
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Have you ever received PSFCU Scholarship?
What was your school level at the time:

Family Background

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Your Status in the US :
Are you also applying to the PSFCU/GE Scholarship?
If you answered Yes to the PSFCU/GE Scholarship, a separate application is required, which can be downloaded here.

Academic Information

Your Current Status as of spring semester 2018:
Your Current Status as of spring semester 2018:

List all institutions attended since high-school

Standardized Tests For Undergraduates – *Enter the best result achieved in each section.

SAT Scores*

ACT Scores*

SAT II (Subject Test) - List subjects and best score achieved

Advanced Placement (AP Tests) - List subjects and score achieved

Standardized Tests For Graduate Students


List and briefly describe your academic distinctions/honors/awards (up to 10)

Extracurricular Involvement

Please fill in the following information. Lists should be in order of importance. Please enter each activitiy/achievement only once - do not duplication information. Please list activities from the last 4 years only. Only information listed below will be considered by the Committee. Do NOT send any additional materials.

List membership in up to 10 organizations, clubs professional associations, sport teams etc. Please note duration and time intensity of your involvement and any offices held.

Work History

List your 5 most important jobs (above 10 hours/week) or community service (above 50 hours/year) performed over the past 4 years, if not included in the information above.

Membership of PSFCU Sponsoring organizations


Question 1. 

1) Mandatory. Answer the following essay question (under 300 words) upload the document with your name on it. Please describe in detail your connection to the communities Polish & Slavic FCU serves. Include things such as community involvement, (example: ethnic school, Scouts, Church, student clubs, music or folk dance groups, charity work, contributions to culture, assistance to community institutions and events) as well as language study and relevant academic interests. 

How do you plan to continue your involvement in the future?

Question 2

2) Mandatory. Answer the following essay question (under 300 words) upload the document with your name on it.

What do you hope to accomplish after finishing your current schooling?

Do you need Financial Support?

Financial Need Statement and Documentation

3) Mandatory if you want your financial need to be considered by the committee for extra points. Please write a short statement (under 100 words) explaining your need AND submit financial documentation:

1) Copy of your SAR, and 2) documentation stating your complete cost of attendance and other grants received (e.g. Bursar's statement and Financial Aid Letter). If you did not file FAFSA or do not qualify for financial adi, please contact PSFCU for instructions. Please include your name on the documents.



How did you learn about the PSFCU scholarship? (Check all that apply):

Certification and Release Authorization

The following information must be completed for the applicant to be considered for a scholarship award.

Security Code:

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